I-24 MOTION: An instrument for freeway traffic science

The Interstate-24 MObility Technology Interstate Observation Network (I-24 MOTION) is a new instrument for traffic science located near Nashville, Tennessee. I-24 MOTION consists of 276 pole-mounted high-resolution traffic cameras that provide seamless coverage of approximately 4.2 miles I-24, a 4-5 lane (each direction) freeway with frequently observed congestion. The cameras are connected via fiber optic network to a compute facility where vehicle trajectories are extracted from the video imagery using computer vision techniques. Approximately 230 million vehicle miles of travel occur within I-24 MOTION annually. The main output of the instrument are vehicle trajectory datasets that contain the position of each vehicle on the freeway, as well as other supplementary information vehicle dimensions and class. This article describes the design and creation of the instrument, and provides the first publicly available datasets generated from the instrument. The datasets published with this article contains at least 4 hours of vehicle trajectory data for each of 10 days. As the system continues to mature, all trajectory data will be made publicly available at this http URL.

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