Software Products

A code snippet from I-24 MOTION tutorial


The I-24 MOTION project will continually publish documentation, analytics code and software, and production data processing software. All of this will be available in the I-24 MOTION Github organization. Each repository contains specific documentation about the software contained, requirements for running it, and terms of use. The listing of these repositories below will be updated as new ones become available.

Data products from I-24 MOTION are available on a separate page on this site. Make sure to sign up for an account to receive project updates and information about upcoming events, and to access data.



I-24 MOTION data documentation

The official documentation of I-24 MOTION data products. As new data versions are developed and released, this repository will maintain documentation for all versions and a log of changes between versions.

I-24 MOTION improvement tracker

Tracking of data improvements, requests, questions, issues, and oddities. Users are encouraged to submit information via Github issues in this repository. The I-24 MOTION team responds to these and uses them to improve the data over time and new version releases.


Basic data tutorial

Introductory code demonstrating some basic analytics methods that will be commonly used with I-24 MOTION data. Walks through iteratively loading the data, computing speed and acceleration, and making some basic visualizations.

Analytics tools


Toolbox for creating spatiotemporal speed fields and generating virtual trajectories within these fields. Virtual trajectories are useful for analytics because they are smooth, complete, and can be generated at specific and uniform times. This code accompanies an article presented at IEEE-FISTS 2024 (Ji 2024).

Video dataset utilities

This repository contains utilities and examples for working with the I-24 MOTION Video "I24V" dataset, which appeared at WACV 2024 in an article titled "So you think you can track?" (Gloudemans et al., 2024); the article is available here. The data for this work is available at

Production code

Post-processing module

A lite version of the production post-processing code, which stitches trajectory fragments generated by computer vision processing of raw video, then reconciles the resulting trajectory for feasibility. This code accompanies an article in Transportation Research Part C (Wang 2024).